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The Home Workout Program is designed for those who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle without stepping foot into a gym. Stealth Fitness recognises that environments such as these can be uncomfortable for many people – therefore, we have provided the option to get your body into shape within the comfort of your own home. The objectives of this program are to improve aerobic fitness, increase strength and build muscle definition. Please Note: this program starts at Beginner Level and gradually increases the level of difficulty throughout the duration of the program.



The Pre-T Phase is an 8-week program specifically designed to achieve fat loss combined with lean muscle building. Prior to the hormone replacement therapy (in this case: testosterone) phase of transition, transmen can find it difficult to establish the balance of bulking and reducing body fat.   Body fat is commonly stored in the waist, hips and thighs accentuating a more feminine shape. It is difficult to reduce whilst accomplishing a more masculine sculpture. With the right nutritional balance, the Pre-T Phase Program can certainly assist with this predicament.



The T-Phase is an 8-week program designed to coincide with the hormone replacement therapy stage of transition. It is a common physiological side effect that stores of body fat will transfer from your thighs, hips and waist to your abdomen – making it exceptionally difficult to shift. Like any other medication, the risks of testosterone can cause complications such as a higher risk of Cardiovascular Disease. This program is to help combat the stubborn belly fat as well as boosting your aerobic fitness.



The Pre-Op Program has a duration of 6 weeks, this program is designed to prepare your body shape for FTM Top Surgery. Surgeons often accomplish better aesthetic results courtesy of their patients’ defined physique acting as a guideline for the procedure. The objective of this program is to both increase strength and carve out your definition. Particularly focusing on the Pectoralis muscles as well as enhancing your core and lower body strength to help reduce muscle atrophy – which can cause discomfort during your Post-Op recovery.


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