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Calculating Calories!

After receiving numerous questions in regards to calculating your daily calorie intake, hopefully this step by step guide will answer most of your questions. Of course, it's easy to fall into the trap of reading a fitness article containing misleading information; where the author will look good but is not necessarily qualified to issue nutritional [...]

Pre-T/T-Phase Nutrition Structure

Hey guys, The Pre-T Phase & T-Phase Programs are structured exactly the same way in terms of the weeks designated to training your various energy systems. It is essential that both your Fuel and Workout Intensity coincide with your training program - otherwise, your body will fail to adapt accordingly. This has always been the barrier between achieving [...]

Nutrition Tools To Get You Started

Genetics, physical activity and nutrition all play a substantial role in determining an individuals body shape. However, the following programs are designed to assist you in accomplishing a more masculine sculpt to coincide with your transitional phase. Regardless of the exercise program assigned to you, if you do not intake sufficient calories with a balance of macronutrients – it [...]