Jake: Online PT (6 Weeks)

“I’m pleased with the program and I’ve found confidence within myself I never thought I’d have. I have less anxiety and it feels good to wake up and feel happy within my own body thanks to my customized program.”

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 10.57.54.png


Zak: T-Phase Program

“It was great having an organised routine rather than just turning up at the gym and making it up. I’m really happy with my results!”



Kyran: T-Phase Program

“I adored this program. I deeply appreciate Stealth Fitness for creating this program and I have gained 18lbs in 2 months of muscle.”

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_rawstrawb: Home Workout Program

“My boyfriend uses this and really likes it!! He uses the Home Workout program for his dysphoria. He’s been using it off and on for a handful of months and honestly, I can tell when he does use it. His shoulders are bigger and his waist is smaller. This is legit and I love that it’s a trans guy behind the whole thing.”